Woman in a colourful blanket
Picture by Timothy Eberly

Journal Articles

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Chapters in Books

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  • ‘Beautiful Otherness and Conceptual Neuroaesthetics: materialising atypical imaginations through experiments in performance’ for Cognitive Futures in the Humanities Conference, University of Durham, 24-26 April.
  • ‘Feeling Different: Interacting with Autism and Affective Neuroscience through Performance and Film’  for Performing Science: Dialogues across Cultures, University of Lincoln, 23-25 April 2014.
  • ‘Embodying Other Minds: engaging with autism through participatory performance’. Keynote symposium, Embodied Cognition, Acting and Performance, University of Goldsmiths, 2 April 2014.
  • Participation in the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research). Paper ‘Performance Impacts: Values, Aesthetics, and Non-Aesthetics in encounters with Science’. Paper and Open Mic presentation, ‘The World turned upside down: training practitioners in Imagining Autism’. Open Mic presentation, ‘Imagining Autism: Now I see the World’.