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Our online resources are suitable for both parents and teachers to work with autistic children. They are based on the practical and play-based approaches used in the original Imagining Autism project as well as the creative materials produced in the Follow-on project: Autism Re-Imagined. Although the project began with 7-12 year olds, the methods have also been used with autistic teenagers.

The iA colour coded spaces of Outer Space, Forest, Underwater, Arctic and Under the City prompt Activity suggestions grouped under Puppetry, Play and Senses. There are suggestions for adapting the activities to suit the interests and capabilities of the young person working with them.

With a little imagination, sensitivity to the iA techniques of following the child’s cues, and some cheap easily accessible resources, any of these spaces can easily be adapted to a classroom or a bedroom.  The young person is able to take imaginative journeys facilitated by a teacher, parent or carer in autistic friendly and rich sensory spaces which you co-produce together.

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