Imagining Autism

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These are useful materials in most settings: tape, string, large clips, anything Ultra Violet (UV) and a UV light; blacked out windows and battery driven LED fairy lights, white and coloured; torches; large crawling tubes (use a collapsible garden bin and cut away the bottom); sound effects from YouTube; decorators’ plastic sheets (they float and crackle – but supervise and be careful of suffocation); shredded paper (cheap and a good sound/texture); soft toys and hand puppets.

Space – all ages. White DIY suits, silver heat blankets, garden cloches as cut away helmets, travel bags, UV light/objects, fairy lights.

Forest – younger (6 – 12 years) or less confident participants. Fairy lights, green light, sticks, leaves etc., cuddly blankets.

Under the City – older (10 -16 years) or more confident participants. Fairy lights, plastic recycled items, large cardboard boxes, torches, pipes, dustbins.

Underwater – all ages. Blow up beach boat, sound effects from You Tube, water sprays, shells, sand, fairy lights.

Arctic – younger (6 – 12 years). Use white sheets, shredded paper, duvet snowman suit, coloured fairy lights, ’snowballs’, silver heat blankets for ice.