Woman in a colourful blanket
Picture by Timothy Eberly

As part of ‘Autism Reimagined: Creative resources for schools and communities’ 2018, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council we have developed a ‘menu’ for local and  community organisations who want to run their own Autistic Community Café, inspired by the  popular ‘Dementia Cafes’ and the associated ‘Imagination Café’ that offer help and support to families and  professionals dealing with dementia. The ‘Autistic Community’ is anyone autistic or in contact with autistic people, such as parents, relatives, neighbours and professionals. Our ‘menu’ offers a range of activities that foreground autistic advocacy and the voice of the autistic community, with advice on how to set activities up. The download (available shortly) is free, and we only ask in return that you give us feedback on your experience, as this is a pilot project funded by the  AHRC.

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