Woman in a colourful blanket
Picture by Timothy Eberly

At the heart of Imagining Autism is the multi-sensory ‘pod’ (a portable tent) with immersive scenic environments. Autistic children creatively engage in played based activities using puppetry, objects and responsive media. Practitioners are trained to follow the cues of participants, to scaffold creativity and to ‘be in the moment’ as co-producers alongside the children. Residencies (minimum one week) can be individually negotiated and support given for funding applications. Please enquire on info@imaginingautism.org


Autism workshop - Arctic environment


In this environment, no words are spoken but participants communicate physically and verbally.

Autism workshop - Forest environment


A pastoral, tranquil and open playground.

Autism workshop - Outer space environment

Outer space

The most versatile of the environments, which can be readily adapted for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Autism workshop - Under the city environment

Under the city

Particularly suitable for children who can engage with the conceptual challenges of time and space travel.

Autism workshop - Underwater environment


Successful with non-verbal children supporting their eye contact, physical engagement and interaction.