Imagining Autism and Surprising Knowledges

Melissa Trimingham

Melissa Trimingham, Senior Lecturer in Drama University of Kent and CoI on Imagining Autism  contributed to the European Research Council Advanced Grant funded research project ‘Knowing from the Inside’.

The ‘fundamental premise’ of ‘Knowing from the Inside’ is that ‘knowledge grows from our practical and observational engagement with beings and things around us. Knowledge, we contend, comes from thinking with, from and through beings and things, not just about them.’

Dr Trimingham  presented the Imagining Autism project to Anthropology Masters Students at St Andrew’s University in 2014 and followed this up with a presentation and puppetry workshop at the ‘KFI Kitchen’ at Comrie Croft in Scotland in 2016. She will be contributing to a proposed book (2021) emerging from the project Knowing from the Inside: Design for a Curriculum edited by Tim Ingold.