CPD Sessions at The Beacon

Lady with a crown coming out of some silver material

At Beacon School Folkestone during 2018 and 2019 Imagining Autism led a series of CPD sessions in understanding autism and the imagination, and training in Imagining Autism techniques for the classroom.

The idea was to train Imagining Autism ‘Champions’ throughout The Beacon and in neighbouring Shepway schools. Imagining Autism Champions understand and support teachers using Imagining Autism creative play using puppetry, the senses and play. Drama based exercises in ‘Perceiving Differently’ offered an embodied learning experience to staff.

‘It’s given me a real insight into how they are feeling and seeing and sensing the world. So for me as a teacher in a mainstream school, it has given me real empathy with the children who come through’

Samantha McCaffery, iA Champion, Brookland Primary School, Romney Marsh.

‘Children see it as fun….they can be involved at all sorts of levels…it doesn’t have quite the pressure perhaps of curriculum based activities…’

Morag Hards, iA Champion, The Beacon

An Imagining Autism residency followed at the school in November 2018.