PopPupPod Playbox Success

Bo the puppet (a light blue and light purple bird) sat in the PopPupPod box.

As part of the AHRC Follow-on Funding 'Autism Re-Imagined: Creative Resources for Schools and Communities' , we have developed a pilot resource, a 'playbox' which we called the 'PopPupPod' (see below) making Imagining Autism activities and approaches easily accessible for both parents and teachers at home or in the classroom.

The PopPupPod explains how with a little imagination and some cheap easily accessible resources the play space (our immersive environments) can easily be adapted to a classroom or a bedroom. The child is enable to take imaginative journeys alongside you in autistic friendly and rich sensory spaces.


Some comments from users:

“Easy to navigate and clear… explains everything clearly”

“something different… caught their attentions”

“Pupils wanted to look at and touch the puppet”

“I have used [it] with a range of different younger people”


NB: Whilst we have no more boxes currently to distribute, we have developed online resources and which are free to access.