Imagining Autism is offering a series of  CPD sessions in understanding autism and the imagination, and training in Imagining Autism techniques for the classroom, held at Beacon School Folkestone.  

4 day-long workshops (10.00-14.30) will take place between February and June 2018. Each session will cover training in a specific area (see below).
Attendees will be given tasks/suggested activities to try out and share with
the rest of the group the following session. Bespoke resources such as suitable
puppets will be provided. Mutual support, feedback and mentoring are an
important part of this training and the Beacon Training Centre will provide
visiting mentors to participating schools.

  1. Puppets
        and objects
    as communication tools: practical strategies for using
        puppets as intermediaries in the social world, to enhance emotional
        resilience and to manage difficult behaviour. Feb. 20th
  2. Sensing
    : we explore the world of autistic perception starting
        for example with exercises focused on sound. How to identify and harness
        sensory preferences and interests and how to use found materials in the
        classroom and home and simple equipment as resources for creative
        learning- for example working with microphones, texts and, where
        appropriate, food as a sensory and creative stimulus. March 20th
  3. Inter/act:
        techniques for eliciting attention and engagement drawing upon active
        support andintensive interaction practices. Includes imitation,
        exaggeration, ‘sabotage’ techniques, and insights into autism and
        humour. 19th April
  4. Creating
        autistic space
    : how to transform an everyday working environment into
        a creative space for working with the autistic imagination: following
        cues, being “in the moment” and perceiving differently.12th June


Learning outcomes

By the end of this training,
staff will have an understanding of

new ways
that play, imagination and puppetry can be incorporated into the classroom

importance of the creative imagination and play in autistic children

creative approaches can lessen anxiety, give greater emotional resilience to
children and engage their learning

For further information contact Beacon School on 01303 847 555