The Beacon Institute: Illuminating Arts and Science Research

Imagining Autism is excited to announce that they are involved in the newly formed Beacon Institute.

This is a new collaboration between the Gulbenkian Theatre, Arts and Science academics across the University of Kent’s three Faculties, a developing network of national and international collaborators and a range of non-higher education partners. The Centre for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance has won the University of Kent 50th anniversary grant to establish the Institute.┬áThe Beacon Institute will be a flagship organization to pioneer interdisciplinary creative arts practice and research.

The projects that are associated with the institute have the capacity to generate new interdisciplinary knowledge of how performance affects audiences and participants, to illuminate scientific processes through arts practices, to change lives through applied science and performance research, to engage new audiences, to enfranchise disadvantaged communities and to influence professional practice in arts, education and health contexts.

The inaugural event will be held at the Aphra Theatre, University of Kent on Friday 19th September at 2pm.