“The Funny Thing About Autism” at the Marlowe Studio, Canterbury

The Imagining Autism team will be presenting at the Marlowe Studio on Tuesday 30th April between 3:45pm – 6:45pm. 

This practical session will show how comic performance can be used to develop language, social interaction and imagination in autism. Find out how slap-stick, clowning, puppetry and play can help to engage autistic children as creative participants. Comedy is one of the most surprising and successful elements emerging from the ‘Imagining Autism’ project. Nicola Shaughnessy and Melissa Trimingham will share techniques which contribute to developing communication between parents, carers, siblings and children with autism.

“The Funny Thing About Autism Is” is part of “Lifting the Curtain”, a three-day programme of workshops, presentations and discussions, showcasing the latest theatre research and practice happening at the University of Kent.

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