Imagining Autism gets creative with technician Melanie Wood

Melanie is the Imagining Autism intern technician. She is developing expertise in manipulating technology to enhance theatrical production. With her skill and responsiveness to the Imagining Autism environments, Melanie creates interactive soundscapes, projections, live feed, lighting effects and helps dramaturgically to structure the immsersive sensory worlds to enhance the visual and sonic elements in the interactive performance ‘pod’. Mel must respond to the children and action as it happens and is an integral and creative part of the project.

Melanie spent a few years as part of the Bristol arts scene and during this time developed strong production knowledge and versatility.  She delights in theatre’s ability to unite all the arts, and enjoys working creatively and imaginatively. She is currently the ‘Research Documentor’ for the project, using her range of skills to effectively document, edit, and enhance footage for private use and distribution. Melanie graduated with a first in ‘Drama and Theatre Arts’ from The University of Birmingham in 2008.  Since then she has directed and facilitated several productions, both professional and non-professional, and is particularly interested in site-specific/responsive performance, outdoor events, story telling, and puppetry.  She is currently developing her own company (State of Collapse), which aims to employ all these elements in the creation of innovative and exciting theatre, craft and performance workshops.